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"They came out, checked out the areas where we heard squirrel noise, then thoroughly checked the rest of the house. The guy they sent out, Tim, explained everything that they would do and how they would do it. Then I got a call from the owner and he gave us a price quote for what it would cost. They trapped a lot more squirrels than they thought would be in there(27 total). They came out the same day whenever we spotted more squirrels in the traps. They did the job for what they quoted and guaranteed their work for two years."

"Raccoons, skunks, possum, ground hogs, bats, squirrels, snakes...if you have them call these guys. I called them because I had an animal in my pool shed and was worried about the kids and the dog. Turns out I had ground hogs and a skunk. They trapped the animals in less than 3 days and repaired the shed expertly. My neighbor also used them for bats and he was very pleased. Excellent work, fair price."

"Very quick response, expert work taking care of the critter (squirrel) which got down an abandoned chimney into our wall! They then installed the chimney cap I picked up - I don't do ladders - so I don't have to worry about a repeat incident. Call these guys first!"

"Save yourself some time and money and call these guys FIRST...Had squirrels in 2010, paid someone to get them outta my attic, and they came back in 3 months. The work wasn't guaranteed so I couldn't get my money back. Called Wildlife COntrol LLC ("Skunks Too") and they took care of it the very next day PLUS they fixed the hole in my chimney where the critters were getting in. Wish I'd hired them FIRST! I am still squirrel free 12 months later. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

"SUPER effective, FAST response, EXCELLENT service-- i would recommend these guys before trying anyone else!! We had literally nests of snakes in our basement after the flooding (ahhh) which they not only removed but also located the spots of entry to seal off and prevent future problems. In addition, what nice & respectful people to have in/at your home!!"

"Expert animal removal. We had a ground hog under our deck. My neighbor had a bad experience with another service in the area (too expensive, animal came back a week later), so when I found these guys online I was hoping for something better. I definitely made the right choice! They removed the animal in less than 24 hours and gave me a very fair price. Plus the work is guaranteed so I know I won't have to worry. They were really nice guys who did a great job."

"I used Wildlife Control Specialists for bat exclusion, remediation and clean up and had a great experience with this company. They were very effective in fixing the issues, were responsive, reasonably priced and clean up was impeccable. When I had a re infestation this year in a different area, it was covered under their warranty without me even asking. VERY PROFESSIONAL and I highly recommend them."


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