Smells Like Skunk Season!


newsletterskunkWEBIf you’ve noticed more dead skunks along the roadside recently, you are not alone. All across N.J., skunks are emerging from their winter dens to find a mate. Instead, some skunks encounter cars head-on, while others make themselves cozy in backyards and garages.


Mating season begins in late winter for skunks, so their activity levels are high this time of year.


“This is the season when skunks are on the prowl, looking for love,” according to Matt Kosakowski, owner of Wildlife Control Specialists, based in Lebanon. “We hear from many homeowners complaining of skunk troubles this time of year.”

Most of the time, skunks pass through harmlessly, according to Kosakowski. But when things go awry, it literally stinks.


“Skunks spray when they feel threatened,” according to Kosakowski. “So when they make themselves at home on your property, and your dog decides to sniff around and say hello, chances are you’ll have a problem on your hands.”

If you or your pet are sprayed by a skunk, Wildlife Control Specialists recommends the following recipe for a solution to remove skunk odor. The recipe was developed and provided to the public at no charge by Paul Krembaum, a renowned scientist and international skunk expert.


The Skunk Odor Removal Formula:

•    1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (found at your local drug store)
•    1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
•    1 teaspoon liquid soap (or dish detergent)


Mix together and apply immediately to the subject. Leave the solution on for about 5 minutes or until the smell is gone and rinse. Some subjects may require you to rinse and repeat.


In many cases, skunks and homeowners co-exist peacefully. For those who’d like to remove skunks from their property, Wildlife Control Specialists offers a comprehensive array of nuisance animal services. We can humanely trap and remove skunks and other unwelcome wildlife.


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