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Wildlife Control Specialists LLC
Wildlife Control Specialists LLC

Wildlife Control is Our Only Business!

Wildlife Control Specialists LLC

We are not a “BUG” company that handles wild animals as a "Sideline." Wildlife Control Specialist LLC will take care of all your New Jersey animal control and pest control issues. Most companies don't like to handle wild animals, but Wildlife Control Specialist focuses on just that.

Our family-owned company provides humane and environmentally responsible techniques which includes, Animal control and removal, Animal damage repair and exclusion and Animal control prevention services.

Our Wildlife Control Professionals are highly trained, certified and licensed by the state of New Jersey.

Our goal is to quickly and humanely remove the animals causing the problems. The objective isn’t to eliminate every animal in the neighborhood, but rather to target the ones that are causing problems for you. For example, if a squirrel is living in a chimney, we won’t set traps on the ground, which may catch any number of non-target raccoons or other animals. Rather we go right for the target animals in the chimney. There is no area that we can't reach. We deal with all animals in all situations, utilizing the proper methods of capturing the target animals only.

Wildlife Control Specialists LLC

We are proud to provide humane and environmentally responsible wildlife control services for New Jersey.

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Areas Served

  • Bergen County Wildlife Control
  • Essex County Wildlife Control
  • Hudson County Wildlife Control
  • Hunterdon County Wildlife Control
  • Warren County Wildlife Control
  • Mercer County Wildlife Control
  • Middlesex County Wildlife Control
  • Morris County Wildlife Control
  • Union County Wildlife Control
  • Passaic County Wildlife Control
  • Somerset County Wildlife Control
  • Sussex County Wildlife Control
Wildlife Control Specialists LLC

For wildlife control or pest related problems in New Jersey, please call us:

1 (888) SKUNKS2

Wildlife Control Specialists LLC

We are licensed experts, providing wildlife control for New Jersey’s Skyland Region: Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Warren County, Morris County, and Sussex County. Click here to see our wildlife qualifications.